Tuned Hosting Affiliate Program Pre-Launch

Soon Tuned Hosting will be launching their 3×10 Expanding Forced Network Affiliate Program, with company placed sales and affiliates under their currently qualified affiliates. The launch is scheduled to be on 1 June 2016.

During pre-launch of the Tuned Hosting program they are offering pre-positioning in their 3×10 Affiliate Program between now and the launch.

Affiliate program

Company Placed Sales and Affiliates?

Yes! The Tuned Hosting affiliate marketing system will automatically take search engine or company sponsored paid traffic to their websites and disperse it to their qualified affiliates, those who are actively sending traffic to their sites, converting sales and new affiliates, etc. Tuned Hosting doesn’t keep all signups without a referrer as direct signups to the company, we pass them out to our qualified affiliates, both sales and affiliate signups, rather than keeping the sales as pure company profits, we prefer to pass out sales to our hard working affiliates.

When that traffic converts to sales or affiliate signups, you get the credit… i.e. the cash, greenbacks, ducats, etc!

Bet the last affiliate program you were with didn’t do that!

Compensation Plan Overview

20% commission paid on all personal Shared, VPS or Dedicated Sales every month the service remains paid.

Plus commission on up to 10 levels of active affiliate sales below:

  1. 5%
  2. 2%
  3. 1%
  4. 1%
  5. 1%
  6. 2%
  7. 3%
  8. 5%
  9. 7%
  10. 10%

Sales Qualifications to earn on levels:

Must maintain X number of active sales to be paid on each level, i.e. 3 active sales of shared, VPS or Dedicated hosting will allow you to be paid on sales of your team through level 3, 4 sales for level 4 thru 10 total for level 10.

Additional Bonuses and Commissions to be announced!

As Tuned Hosting grow and become more profitable through volume of sales, Tuned Hosting will pass on those profits to their affiliates in the form of additional incentives for team building, sales volume, etc., which will then turn into commissions such as check matching bonuses for personally referred affiliates, profit pools and more.

Affiliate program