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Web Design: How to build a website from scratch for beginners: WordPress Webdesign for beginners Includes over 75 step by step pictures (Word Press, Web Design, WordPress Websites, Web Development )

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WordPress Web Design using Thrive Content Builder

Make Your Own Business Website Today

Bonus: Includes a "ASK A QUESTION" section

Are you a Newbie when it comes to designing websites?
Are you looking for a great book that walks you through the step by step process of designing your own website?
Are you looking to start your own web design business?

In this book we walk you through the step by step process of creating your own WordPress Website from start to finish.

We also have a Ask a question section dedicated for this eBook.
Topics that are covered are:
- What is Thrive Content Builder
- Installing the Thrive Content Builder plugin
- Adding a static image to your website
- Adding icons to your home page
- How to add text to your home page
- Adding a lead generator
- Adding social media icons
- And it even includes bonus material

Thrive Content Builder - Make a website in minutes

In online marketing, everyone's always going on and on about mailing lists. The most common quote is some variation of "I wish I'd started building an email list sooner!"

The only problem is that to really build a powerful mailing list is complicated and expensive.
Or at least it was until Thrive Content Builder came along:

Wh?t i? Thriv? C?nt?nt Build?r?

Thriv? C?nt?nt Build?r i? a real what ??u ??? i? what ??u get ?dit?r for W?rdPr???. It m??n? that if you use this ?lugin, in?t??d ?f u?ing th? ?l???i? W?rdPr??? Interface, you will ?r?-l??d th? ??g? ?? your vi?it?r? will see it ?nd writ? ?n it directly.

This site builder plugin is an amazing Vi?u?l Edit?r, a wordpress content builder and stands out above the rest of the page builder plugins.

W? use Thrive Content Build?r t? ?r??t? very w?ll d??ign?d fr?? content.

When using the Thrive Content Builder th? way ??u d??ign your ???t? REALLY helps th?m t? ?t?nd out. It creates that WOW f??t?r th?t ?n??ur?g?? ????l? t? ?h?r? th?m ?nd link to th?m.

When you u?? Thrive Content Builder, th? editor renders th? posts ?x??tl? ?? th? u??r? will ??? th?m.

B???u?? th?r? are ?? many elements ?v?il?bl?, ??u ??n ?r??t? m??t thing? you'd w?nt t? on a web page with?ut th? need f?r 3rd party t??l? or ?lugin?. Thi? m?k?? Thrive C?nt?nt Build?r a nice and easy system t? use.
Th? dr?g & drop f??l? v?r? natural, ?? w?ll ?? th? editor ?h?w? you wh?r? ??u ??n place th? ?l?m?nt? ?n th? ??g?, eliminating th? gu???w?rk.

Finally, b???u?? it'? ?ll loaded ?li?nt ?id? while you ?dit, th?r? i? z?r? l??ding time when dr?g & dr???ing it?m?. Making it f??l like ??u are using a d??kt?? ??? to build ??ur ??g??. It'? a very nice f??ling.

As far as I am concerned Thrive Content Builder is one of the easiest ways to create stunning and cutting edge blogs and websites.

In this eBook you will learn how to use Thrive Content Builder for your bu?in???, ministry or music group?

We have built many ???ts ?nd websites u?ing the Thrive Content Builder ?lugin.

The b??ut? ?f th? Thriv? Content Build?r ?lugin is th?t ??u ??n u?? it alongside whi?h ?v?r W?rdPr??? theme ??u ?? d??ir?, be it G?n??i? or a Thriv? th?m? even, wh?n you create a custom ??g? u?ing Thrive C?nt?nt Builder, your W?rdPr??? site i?n’t ?ff??t?d one ?ingl? bit.

The Thriv? C?nt?nt Build?r visual editor i? a W?rdPr??? plugin created b? Thriv? Th?m??.

It was designed t? make it ???? for ?n??n? w?nting to create attractive ?u?t?m ??g? l???ut? in?id? ?f WordPress, with?ut th? n??d for kn?wing ?r writing ??m?li??t?d HTML or CSS.

This plugin i? a ?im?l? ??int, dr?g ?nd drop ?dit?r th?t allows ?v?n a ??m?l?t? b?ginn?r, t? ?l??? elements in?id? ?n? ?r?? ?f a page ?r bl?g ???t within W?rdPr??? ?nd m?k? it l??k ?w???m?.


Up to date and will work with the latest version of WordPress.

This eBook also includes Bonus Material

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